Hiring a Realtor 101: How to Choose an Agent You Click With

Did you know that as of April 2019 has seen a 12.4% increase in home sales since 2018?

With more millennials looking to buy homes, this statistic is no surprise! You might be on the hunt for your own dream home—or perhaps you’re in the process of selling a house.

If it’s your first time buying or selling a home, you might be worried about hiring a realtor. How do you know what to look for?

It’s easier than you may think! Check out the tips below to help you find a realtor that you click with! 

1. Compare Agents Online

There are plenty of websites you can use to see how your community rates agents. Zillow has a tool that helps you search for agents by zip code. The agents have a ranking out of five stars, along with reviews left from past clients. Yelp! is another good website to evaluate agencies with.

2. Visit Open Houses

One way to find a realtor that you click with is by visiting a couple of local open houses. The way that a realtor presents a house says a lot about their character.

Pay attention to how they engage with you. Are they responsive to questions? Do they ask you what you’re looking for in a house?

It’s important that you are hiring a realtor who comes prepared with house information sheets too, so make sure to ask for a copy of one at every open house you stop at.

3. Ask for Recommendations for Hiring a Realtor

More likely than not you have a friend who has sold or bought a house in the past couple of years. Ask them if they enjoyed working with their realtor and if they would recommend them for future services.

Additionally, ask around for realtors that you should avoid. The last thing you want is to get stuck with a realtor who doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

4. Interview with Agents

The most important (and perhaps the most obvious) way to find a realtor is by interviewing with several agents. While you might like the first agent you meet with, set up times to speak with a few others just in case.

Meeting face-to-face with several realtors will give you the chance to voice what you are searching for in a realtor.

If you aren’t familiar with the buying or selling process, you will probably be looking for a realtor who is very experienced and capable. If you prefer to be more hands-on, you’ll want to find a realtor who is willing to step back and allow you to make your own decisions during the process as well.

Seal the Deal

It’s impossible to tell how long it will take you to buy or sell a house, so it makes sense that you would want to find a realtor who you won’t mind working with for an indefinite amount of time.

Hiring a realtor doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow the tips above, and you’ll find an agent who can work with you to make your vision come true.

For more articles on realty and home buying in New Jersey, check out the rest of our blog!

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