The short answer: whatever amount a buyer is willing to pay, but it gets trickier than that. Your property’s value depends on the current health of the market, if there’s enough supply to meet the demand, how long your property has been up for sale and several other factors.

You have the option to estimate your house’s value by using online calculators, but these will only give you a ballpark figure, so you run the risk of getting shortchanged if you set your selling price too low.

This is where The Premier Group at RE/MAX Central comes in.

Our valuation process combines different tools and references to determine your property’s value. We combine information from data, comparative sales and consumer-driven reports to make sure you maximize the returns on your sale.

Our team of expert realtors also capitalize on their knowledge of the New Jersey real estate market, so we use these to guide the valuation process. We have access to various tools that can help us determine your home’s value based on recent sales on similar properties and listing prices in the area.

Save yourself from the uncertainty and stress of figuring out how much your house is worth on your own. Trust The Premier Group at RE/MAX Central to get the most value for your home.

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